Bangladesh Water Dpevelopment Board Job Circular : (bwdb) Hr2

Bangladesh Water Dpevelopment Board Job Circular : (bpdb)

Bapaubo's history

After the devastating floods of 1954 and 1955, the East Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (EPWPDA) was formed in 1959 for the purpose of improving the production of food by reducing the loss of the flood, in order to improve the water resources management and development of the region in the year 1957, according to the recommendation of the Crude Mission formed by the United Nations. The current Bangladesh Water Development Board (BPOWBO) started the activities of the country's water resources management to increase the production of agricultural and fishery resources by implementing the flood control, drainage and irrigation projects of EPWPDA as water wing. After independence, the Bangladesh Water Development Board (BPOBO) is the sole 

Bangladesh Water Dpevelopment Board Job Circular : (bwdb) Hr2

autonomous body with the same mandate in the water of EPWPDA, according to the President's order No. 1972. Thus, the continuation of reform and reconstruction has been adopted to comply with National Water Policy-1999, the BapuBo Act, 2000. Under this Act, the management and management of the Board is being managed by the 13-member Water Council headed by the Hon'ble Minister and Water Resources Ministry.

 Water Development Board Job Summary:

■ Job Title: See Job packaging

■ Job Description: This job position is expertise, gifted of assortment and analyses of the monetary proposal from the authority for any review and choice purpose.

■ printed Date: 07 March 2019

■ on-line Application Start:  See Job packaging

■ Application Deadline: 04 Gregorian calendar month 2019

■ Job Nature: regular

■ Job Type: Government (BWDB)

■ Employment Type: Permanent.

■ Education Qualification: See Job packaging.

■ Job Experience: See Job packaging.

■ Gender: each (Male & Female)

■ Compensation and Benefit: As per the policy of the govt Pay-scale (53,060/-).

■ a way to Apply:  Apply with full Resume to Director, Employment Development Poridoptor, Asian country development Board, Rahman Chamber (10th floor), 12-13, Motijhil C/A, Dhaka-1000.

■ Job Location: Dacca, Bangladesh

■ Age Limit: thirty years and thirty two kid of rebel

Bangladesh Water Dpevelopment Board Job Circular : (bpdb)